34 minutes | Jun 15, 2020

Journey through bullying and alcoholism to finding your calling

Welcome to the second episode of Calm After The Storm, a podcast that explores various themes of survivorship and how each speaker has thrived. This podcast is hosted by Amy Syed, Founder and CEO of Findyourhcp.com. In today's episode, we chat with Paul Silva about bullying, alcoholism and his experience in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. Tune in to get inspired!2:11 - From Chef to Coach: Paul’s career shift3:45 - Being bullied throughout childhood8:40 - Self-medicating with alcohol12:56 - Acknowledging his depression and alcoholism16:42 - A thinking problem, not a drinking problem19:06 - The importance of support21:33 - Finding his voice through writing25:08 - How Paul became a coach30:09 - The gift of being sensitive32:52 - A dedication to alcoholics and addictsPaul Silva, Paul Silva Coaching, a coach who works with new coaches to help them conquer the overwhelm of starting up a new business. He also works with those who want to cut down or cut out alcohol for good or for now.  Paul can be reached at paul@paulsilvacoaching.com and www.paulsilvacoaching.comCONTENT WARNING:Information shared in Calm After The Storm podcast can be graphic in nature. We recommend you review the details of our podcast before tuning in. We appreciate you tuning in and we hope that the story shared with you today is inspirational and helps to get through tough times that you may be facing. For additional information or support, please visit 15minutesaday.ca<a rel="payment">Support the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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