45 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

Growing Pains

After Avery Francis was promoted to her dream job, she was sexually assaulted at a work social. Put in a precarious position as part of the company’s HR department, Avery made the difficult decision to come forward and take action. However, although the individual was let go, Avery could not let go of the feeling that she was unsafe at her workplace. Months went by and she slowly became more and more depressed, suppressing her emotions of the incident, rather than dealing with them. After an emotional breakdown, Avery took a leave of absence where she found art therapy and began to move through the trauma that had occured. Upon arrival back to her job, Avery made the decision to leave the company to continue her pathway to thrive. Today, Avery is the founder of Bloom, a full service workplace design consultancy.1.34 - Avery’s childhood5.04 - Dropped out of school and had to pay her parents back. Ended up in recruiting.7.02 - How Avery started her career after university7.40 - Avery became the Director of Talent at Rangle.io 8.58 - Started to distance herself from her colleagues9.27 - Avery’s promotion10.05 - The work social, celebrating her promotion10.57 - Avery’s sexual assault16.15 - Avery turns blame inwards, how the assault affected Avery’s sense of self17.56 - The dinner after the assault18.27 - What action Avery took afterwards19.04 - The action Rangle took20.57 - How Avery felt at work after her assault21.43 - Avery’s rock bottom24.08 - Amy’s reflection25.10 - Tools Avery used to heal 27.52 - Avery’s take on art therapy29.50 - Sexual assault is often not a one-off situation30.15 - Why Avery came forward 31.16 - Amy’s second reflection32.32 - What happened next?34.10 - How Bloom was born35.18 - What thriving means to Avery37.05 - Avery’s advocacy for BLM42.40 - Who Avery honours on the website43.00 - Amy’s final reflectionSupport the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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