32 minutes | Dec 4, 2020

From Refugee Survivor to Real Estate Mogul

A self-made millionaire, Tahani Aburaneh came from extremely humble beginnings. After being born to Palestinian parents in a refugee camp in Amman, Jordan, and is supported by international aid groups, Tahani was married against her will at age 15 to her cousin and sent to Canada without speaking a word of English. Determined to not be defined by her circumstances, she finished high school and managed to complete a business diploma from Conestoga College. Eventually, Tahani managed to leave her marriage and went on to build several successful businesses and a thriving real estate empire. Today she is also the author of Real Estate Riches: A Money-Making Game Plan for the Canadian Investor, and is one of the country’s leading experts on real estate investing.Show Notes:1:40- Tahani talks about life in her refugee camp felt like2:18- Tahani talks about her childhood. Emphasis on her relationship with her dad2:55- Tahani’s arranged marriage5:40- Tahani explains the “why” behind moving to Canada and how she reconciled with the decision. (To support her family in the refugee camp)7:00- Tahani’s Dad's letters7:13- Tahani’s life when she came to Canada + her husband8:03- Excitement over going to school + learning English10:20- How Tahani balanced her wife and home duties with school + her part-time job11:17- Numbness wore off and Tahani starts questioning her life and decisions12:12- Tahani talks about her marriage13:04- Amy’s first reflection13:42- Rock bottom14:97- Tahani’s brother passed away + mom suffering from illness15:45- Tahani talks about her real estate career starting + her first home purchase with no down payment17:06- Gratitude and mindset shift18:09- Tahani talks about her new “why” her two kids being her inspiration behind her hustle19:07- Amy's second reflection22:49- Her inspiration to help women24:25- disadvantages of not promoting women at the forefront of investing29:23- Tahani dedicates the episode to her parents30:06- Amys conclusionSupport the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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