41 minutes | Nov 6, 2020

Breaking The Cycle of Pain

Growing up in a family rooted in alcoholism, at a young age, Katie Koslowski’s parents dedicated themselves to trying to save her Uncle, after her other Uncle jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. As a child, she knew there was something going on, but no one wanted to talk about it. When her Grandmother went into a coma, at age five, Katie tried to comprehend the surrounding stress and anxiety that was storming, while feeling like her parents were distracted from raising her. When Katie moved into her teenage years, she didn’t have any sense of support, and fell into consistent peer pressure, which led to her alcoholism. Alcohol led to drugs, and Katie found herself involved in several sexual assaults and abusive relationships. Today, Katie has dedicated herself to supporting other women overcome the abuse they’ve experienced. 1.34 - Katie’s childhood5.24 - How Katie’s childhood affected her life9.05 - Amy dissects how how alcoholism can act as a filler for voids9.45 - How Katie’s upbringing affected her relationships14.32 - Amy reflects on Katie’s story.15.14 - Katie walks in front of a moving cab on September 19th, 2009.17.04 - The turning point.19.00 - Katie’s change.19.52 - Amy reflects on Katie’s rock bottom moment and turning point. 22.39 - Tools and resources Katie used in her healing process. 26.00 - Katie’s next chapter.30.05 - What is wrong with the word ‘trigger.’32.10 - Amy’s final reflection. 33.57 - How Katie is doing today.38.30 - Amy’s key takeaways.Support the show (https://www.amysyed.ca/calmafterthestormpodcast)
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