59 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

Gwarsenio Hall, TWO MINUTES TO LATE NIGHT | #028

Unmasked and ready to rage, Gwarsenio Hall (Two Minutes To Late Night) is here to bring his very own brand of musical joy and laughter to the Calabrese Manor! Hm, what to talk about in this episode? Perhaps Danzig? Like, TONS of 'Zig talk! But don't fret, dear listener! We also dig six feet deep into Gwarsenio's very own haunted house, his wild TikToks, and his illegally downloaded Calabrese CD from back in the ancient times! Hot topics, indeed! Get yourself a plastic tarp 'cause shit is gonna get crazy!  πŸ’€ CHECK OUT GWARSENIO: https://linktr.ee/twominutestolatenight @Calabrese666 Buy Merch: CalabreseStore.com
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