54 minutes | Feb 14th 2018


the very first episode of CA Today, Sarah Wittmeyer and this weeks cohost, Brendan Keiser, searched Twitter for interesting trends in education. our list: #booksnaps, #tweeteroftheday, #classroombookaday, flexible seating, traits of successful entrepreneurs, benefits of friendship in childhood. We sat down for a conversation with our STEM Coordinator, Clay Nolan, who updated us on the AdvancingSTEM curriculum. Inspired by George Couros book, The Innovators Mindset, we explored the idea of innovation in our classrooms. Finally, Rob Miller highlighted Clips, an iOS app that allows students to easily make video clips in the classroom.Articles Mentioned in the Podcast:Entrepreneurs Say this is the Number e Factor in Their Success, Inc MagazineHeres the Science Behind the Fidget Spinner Craze, ForbesWinston-Salem Inventors Device May Help Fidgety Children Learn Better, Improve Classroom Behavior, Winston Salem JournalHaving a Best Friend in Your Teenage Years Could Benefit You for Life, KQED Mind Shift
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