124 minutes | Nov 27, 2020

Episode 4 - FSD Beta 5

FSD Beta 5In this episode, Nash from Tesla in the Gong and I are joined by our Guests: Brandon, Kosta and Franklin to discuss the Full Self Driving Beta 5. —————————————————————————————Timeline0:00 - Intro12:18 - Diverging Diamond and Melbourne Hook Turn17:11 - Left turn21:37 - Kangaroos!23:49 - Any features that need work? Lane centering32:20 - Highways and lanes splitting and four leaf clovers36:40 - Vision and Map Data dependence43:00 - Smart Summon46:04 - Speed limit signs on back of moving vehicles, speed limit signs and stop signs55:27 - No rights on red and yellow lights 57:30 - Phantom Braking and map data1:03:14 - Learning at the edge and NN training1:12:40 - Detection of turn signals1:15:33 - Stopping in case of emergency1:16:20 - Stopping abruptly from high speed in case of a traffic jam1:18:30 - Medical events and safeguards1:20:45 - Obstacle aware acceleration1:22:26 - Tight garages and blind spots1:27:20 - Repeater camera feeds and future facing hardware1:31:52 - FSD beta, testing visibility and feedback1:35:30 - Accuracy of the Boxes in the UI1:37:43 - Canada FSDBeta when?1:45:08 - FSD on narrower roads like the UK and Middle East1:48:40 - Manual override and ADAS1:51:55 - Brandon and Kosta’s Hand Sanitizers, their story and Outro—————————————————————————————
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