67 minutes | Nov 14, 2020

Episode 3 - FSD Beta Part Deux

We unpack the experience that K10 has had in a Tesla Model 3 with the Full Self Driving Beta software and dive deep into the specifics of how this software release compares to the previous release of the FSD Beta software that @codingmark had experienced in a Tesla Model X that we had covered in the previous episode.—————————————————————————————Timeline0:00 - Intro4:08 - An introduction to our Tesla Vehicles10:46 - The plan for the episode11:40 - FSD Beta UI/UX18:45 - FSD Beta in a Residential area, downtown, roundabouts and hilly terrain, bikers, pedestrians31:19 - Highways, Off Ramps, On ramps, turns such as U bend and Hairpin, Complex Intersections and discussion on different driver modes while in FSD46:43 - School Zones, Time Sensitive Zones, Quick Starlink Beta Discussion, Ramp Meters, Emergency vehicles, Rain56:00 - FSD Beta and Smart Summon1:00:27 - FSD Beta and Canada on a Scale of 1 to 1001:06:34 - Outro
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