101 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

Episode 2 - Autopilot and Tesla FSD Beta

In this episode, Nash from Tesla in the Gong and I are joined by our Guests: Mark @codingmark and Glen @glenmah to discuss the Full Self Driving Beta. We unpack the experience that @codingmark has had in a Tesla Model X with the Full Self Driving Beta software in California and dive deep into the specifics of how this software release compares to the present Full Self Driving Package Autopilot software suite that the rest of the Tesla Owner community has experienced.Timeline0:00 - Intro5:08 - An introduction to our Tesla Vehicles15:08 - Autopilot in 2019 16:05 - 3 Sections of the FSD Beta Breakdown16:21 - Section 1: FSD Beta in a Residential area18:08 - Section 2 : FSD Beta transitions from Residential to Downtown19:40 - An Area of improvement : Older Downtown areas20:13 - FSD Beta and Roundabouts21:42 - FSD Beta and Hilly Terrain23:32 - Is the FSD Beta tentative?24:42 - FSD Beta Real time decision making - Construction Zones26:33 - Melbourne Hook Turn28:03 - Diverging Diamond Interchange30:03 - Autopilot Rewrite?30:34 - 4D Autopilot Time Element? Memory?33:53 - Color Scheme in the FSD Beta UI35:09 - Tolerance level for the gap when travelling parallel to another car40:03 - FSD Beta and Smart Summon42:32 - Back Seat Summon: Shout out to Mark the BackseatBaller43:14 - FSD Beta and Phantom Braking47:45 - FSD Beta and Single Lane diverging outwards - Edge Case Discussion51:50 - FSD Beta and slowing down for Off Ramps53:25 - FSD Beta and 4-Way Stop Signs55:12 - FSD Beta and Preemptive Signals (flashing yellows)57:13 - Urban Autopilot Challenges: Shout out to Tesla Tom and Teslastraya58:16 - FSD Beta and School Zones/Playground Zones1:02:23 - FSD Beta and Vision Dependence discussion1:03:52 - FSD Beta stopping smoothness at a Red Light1:06:53 - FSD Beta in Canada? Ice and snow discussion: Shout out to @tesla_yeg1:10:43 - FSD Beta and Speed Limit signs on moving vehicles (back of school bus)1:14:06 - FSD Beta and Ludicrous Mode? Maybe Mad Max FSD beta Mode?1:14:58 - FSD Beta and Supercharger Navigation? What does the vehicle do?1:16:03 - FSD Beta and Wiper Improvements?1:18:05 - FSD Beta Hoon Mode - Driving Recklessly1:19:12 - FSD Beta and AQI UI display changes if any?1:19:39 - FSD Beta and Regenerative Braking1:19:53 - FSD Beta and Voice Commands1:20:12 - FSD Beta and the data funnel1:21:32 - FSD Beta and Out of Order Supercharger Stalls1:25:24 - Nash's Tesla Model 3 and the User Experience1:27:25 - FSD Beta and Cabin Camera1:29:18 - FSD Beta and Passenger Face Vent1:29:26 - FSD Beta and Dynamic Brake Lights?1:30:50 - FSD Beta and Driving Visualization improvements1:31:32 - FSD Beta and Speed Assist Improvements1:33:50 - Improved Efficiency1:34:17 - Questions from Chat and Twitter1:39:45 - Outro
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