1 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

S1 E0 Introducing BYE PAL

Gaslight Theatre Company Presents: BYE PAL. Phoebe and Jillian are two gal pal roomies and lifelong BFFs living it up in the big city! That is, until the year 2020 when the world is suddenly a trash can engulfed in flames, and Phoebe, like so many others, flees for the reprieve of suburbia. The sudden separation leaves them both lonesome and clingy, but they have a super fun solution: mandatory scheduled weekly phone calls. Will this replace Taco Tuesdays? Falafel Fridays?? Salami Saturdays??? Probably not. But they spend too much time together anyway. Some roommates aren’t even friends. Created and written by Emily Halbing.
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