58 minutes | Aug 1st 2019

Interview with Kevin Petrie - 1911

Kevin grew up in a Christian home and could see his parents had a real connection to God. There were some negative influences growing up like when he found himself being trained by a friend on how to steal car stereos. How did he get out of that? There were amazing answers to prayer that helped God to be real later in life. How did God intervene at a border check point in Africa at gunpoint? And then again just up the road at a petrol station making it possible to clear the next check point? What book did he read that at first was like dry Weet-bix, but became a turning point in his life, giving him purpose and a real connection to God? Why did he even start reading it? How did God send a police woman to come to the rescue in his practicum teaching session? Have a listen to find out the answers.
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