50 minutes | Mar 9, 2021

Vaneetha Risner on Finding Joy and Fighting Bitterness Through Suffering (Best of By Faith)

Christine shares her favorite episode from Season 6: her talk with Vaneetha Risner about fighting bitterness. Vaneetha calls herself a sufferer, and you’ll find out why as she shares about the many losses in her life, including a child due to a doctor's mistake and a marriage. But as you’ll hear in her voice, she also has so much joy. She actually connects joy with suffering, and the way she talks about it in today’s episode will give you a fresh perspective on suffering and help you fight bitterness in your own life.LINKS FROM THE SHOWChristine's chat with Caroline Saunders about being a pastor's wife // Vaneetha's book, The Scars That Shaped Me // John 9:1-3 // Held by Natalie Grant // Crazy Love // Joel 2:25CHRISTINE'S NEW BIBLE STUDY Lifeway // AmazonREVIEW BY FAITH ON ITUNESCONNECT Connect with VaneethaWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter CONNECT Connect with ChristineWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Books Sign up for Christine's monthly newsletterMusic for By Faith was created by The Silver PagesArtwork for By Faith was created by Reed Harmon
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