17 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

Seek First the Kingdom: Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew

Starting in two weeks here on By Faith, Christine will begin teaching through her new Bible study, Seek First the Kingdom, an 8-week exploration of the kingdom theme in the Gospel of Matthew. In today's episode, she shares an introductory teaching to help familiarize you with the book of Matthew: its author, audience, and themes. If you'd like to participate in the study, preorder your workbook today at the links below. LIFEWAYAMAZONThe study releases April 1 and the teaching covering Week 1 will release April 6. Through Seek First the Kingdom, we'll:Explore the kingdom of God in-depth, learning what the kingdom of God is, and how we enter it.Embrace the life Jesus offers us within the kingdom and the way we find joy as His subjects.Understand how the ways, values, and cultivation of the kingdom of God define who we are.Learn to confront our allegiances to idols and false kings, re-ordering our worship.Identify our places in the kingdom of God and how we can join in the work that God is doing here and around the world.REVIEW BY FAITH ON ITUNESCONNECT Connect with ChristineWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Books Sign up for Christine's monthly newsletterMusic for By Faith was created by The Silver PagesArtwork for By Faith was created by Reed Harmon
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