44 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Kelly Needham on Friendship (Best of By Faith)

Christine sits down with Kelly Needham to discuss how we define friendship and why that matters so much. Kelly not only gives warning signs that we have an unhealthy understanding of friendship, but she offers a biblical perspective and practical ways we can practice biblical friendship.LINKS FROM THE SHOW Kelly's Desiring God Articles: True Friends Are Hard to Find // A New Kind of Couple: When Best Friends Become Romantic // More Than BFFs: When Friendship Goes too FarKelly's book, FriendishCHRISTINE'S NEW BIBLE STUDY Lifeway // AmazonREVIEW BY FAITH ON ITUNESCONNECT Connect with KellyWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter CONNECT Connect with ChristineWebsite // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Books Sign up for Christine's monthly newsletterMusic for By Faith was created by The Silver PagesArtwork for By Faith was created by Reed Harmon
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