48 minutes | May 9, 2018

Gnosticism Phillip K Dick and Divine Revelations – A Discussion With Miguel Conner

Try to excuse the audio technical issues, still sorting out all that sort of thing. A great conversation with Miguel Conner of AeonByte Gnostic Radio at thegodabovegod.com Discussing Gnosticism, Phillip K. Dick, and mystical experiences. Links to discussed material: Voices of Gnosticism Other Voices of Gnosticism Valis The Divine Invasion The Transmigration of Timothy Archer Radio Free Albemuth The Gnostic Bible The Nag Hammandi Scriptures Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth The Descent of Ishtar Intro and Outro music are from my own music project, V~Nessy. Hungry for more? Become a Patreon supporter and support the podcast and blog here! And of course, please Subscribe!
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