84 minutes | Oct 17th 2020

Episode 6: The poetry episode! (but first a long letter about how everyone is beautiful)

This episode starts with a letter I wrote to the world, before the pandemic if you can believe that, and it is meant to point out how wonderful we are despite our flaws. And it is also the intro to this book i wrote about a philosophy I tried to make up where being kind and running the world based on what is best for the world and its many peoples and forms of life, could be cool. Then the episode is about poetry and how for me it is a way to keep my feelings and understand them and break an overwhelming moment down into something i can see and hold and work with to understand. I also go on a few tangents about like, flat earthers and stuff, I wanted to put an episode out, because I feel like I shouldn't quit stuff. Love you. Damn it I mention podcasts i listen to, I forot to mention Marc Maron, I listen to his podcast like every day, like seriously every one, he is one of my faves.
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