11 minutes | Nov 12, 2019

The Truth About Trying To 'Get It All Done'

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could ‘get it all done’ when you look at your to-do list? I reckon we all have!But here’s the thing - as business owners we won’t EVER get it ALL done. And that’s not me being defeatist - it’s being realistic.So in this episode I share with you why you need to get rid of the expectation that you can get it all done if you’re serious about being significantly more productive and profitable in your business.Enjoy!FayeXIn this episode you’ll learn…Why trying to plow through your entire to-do list is a flawed and expensive strategyYou will never have time to do it all - so stop tryingWhat to focus on first when you can’t do it allWhy having clear direction in your business will take the pressure away and eliminate to-do list guilt!How to do less and achieve more without stress, burnout or overwhelm
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