47 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

Creating Success in a Dying Industry with Shar Moore - YMag

Shar Moore is a Multi International Award-Winning Mentor, Author, International Speaker and Founder of the magazine YMag® - and has found success in a dying industry!When others are closing their doors, Shar's taken her digital magazine and successfully turned it into print, which can be found in all of the Qantas lounges across Australia as well as luxury hotels across the globe.I love hearing stories of where women have turned adversity on it’s head and succeeded in business, Shar Moore is certainly a shining example of that!She’s gone from being engaged at 11 years old and not finishing to school, to an inspirational business woman who helps other women in business gain national exposure so they can create greater impact in the world – something I’m ALL about as you know!What you’ll learn from this episode:How to leverage pivotal moments in your life as a springboard to success in businessHow to get up 'one more time' after suffering adversity in businessWhy your 'why' has to be bigger than your kids and family!How Shar turned her digital magazine into a print magazine - and succeeded - in a dying industryThe secret to getting into every Qantas Lounge across Australia - and how this strategy applies to your business.If you're ready to feel inspired and energised about your business, you're going to love this episode.Enjoy!Faye
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