64 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

Coping with Corona Virus in Small Business: Marketing, Mindset and Motivation

As the Corona Virus takes hold, there are naturally a lot of very worried business owners out there right now so in this podcast I share with you my thoughts on how to manage your marketing, mindset and motivation during a time of global crisis.If you're feeling unsettled; are unsure about what to do next to keep your business moving forward; or would simply like a boost in motivation and focus during this tough time, this episode is for you.What you’ll learn from this episode:The key lesson I learned from running a small business during the GFC that is super-relevant to this crisisThe importance of having a growth mindset if you want your business to surviveWhy it's key to assess the 'lense' you're looking through as you adapt to running a business during this timeWhy it's critical that you're able to pivot - fastHow to avoid being seen as capitalising on the crisisWhy marketing is more important than ever to your survival; your client's wellbeing and the wider global economyThe significance of thinking collectively and working as a business community rather than having an individual survival mindsetWhy staying productive is so important for profit and progressYou can also watch the live recording of this group coaching session over at the show notes: https://busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast58I hope you find this episode valuable, and please join me over in the Busy Business Women Facebook Group for more support and guidance to help you weather this storm.FayeX
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