34 minutes | May 31st 2010

Applying Value Stream Concepts

Jim Luckman has had the unique experience of leading three separate lean transformations, as a Plant Manager, as a Director of a Research and Development Center, and as a CEO of a small start-up company. During the podcast, we discussed Value Stream Mapping and delved into Value Stream Concepts as they applied  to Lean and Agile Software Development. I found it interesting his take on the "Newer" Lean concepts and how they are viewed by a more traditional practitioner. Jim is the Past President and CEO of iPower Technologies, a company serving the distributed generation market of electrical power. Luckman has worked in the auto industry for 34 years working at Delphi Automotive (formerly part of General Motors). Jim current efforts include leadership coaching, application of lean in R&D and application of lean to software development. He currently coaches companies interested in company-wide lean transformation. Jim is a partner in Lean Transformations Group, LLC Jim will be the instructor for this LEI Workshop in Indianapolis on June 22nd - Value-Stream Mapping for the Office and Service: This interactive workshop demonstrates how to apply value-stream mapping, a fundamental and critical tool, to address what many companies find difficult to do: making a fundamental change in business processes such as administrative, professional, and transactional activities. You will see how the key elements of lean thinking and value-stream mapping apply to such activities by identifying key processes to tackle, drawing an accurate current-state map of each process, applying lean principles to envision a leaner future-state for each process, and implementing the future-state in a way that can be sustained. Related Information: Learning to talk their talk helps you walk your walk! Lean Rock Stars assembled for Indy Management Workshop LEI Workshops 6 Lean Management Workshops for Indianapolis Lean Transformations Group Website: http://lean-transform.com
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