41 minutes | Sep 23, 2019

1 Million Downloads in 1 Year... Thinking Outside the Box with Melissa Monte

Within the first year of launching her podcast, Mind Love, Melissa Monte had 1 million downloads.  This is not the norm...and neither is she.  Which I am convinced is exactly why she has had such success.   During our conversation, Melissa walks us through how she started, launched and grew her podcast by thinking outside the box.   First, she got clear about who she was, her passions and her gifts...a step that we can easily skip over because it requires us to STOP and do the internal work.   Once she did, she went through Pat Flynn’s podcasting course, which gave her the practical steps on how to launch a podcast.   But Melissa’s differentiated herself by practicing creative thinking.  She bounced her ideas off of others, she created content that was a little different than what was out there, she gave herself a launch date and made an event out of it, which gave her accountability to take action.   And she tried many things along the way that gave her visibility, always looking at her metrix so she was strategic about her next moves.   There is SO much value in this episode and I can’t wait for you to listen! You can find out more about Melissa and sign up for her daily email, the Morning Mind Love here: https://www.mindlove.com/
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