57 minutes | Dec 21st 2020

What's Your Security and Becoming Your Own Boss with the Real Motiul Islam

Motiul’s areas of expertise are primarily HMOs and structuring deals but he also has years of experience in rent to rent, title splits, no money down, refurbishments and developments.

He talks about his journey in property and why he believes if you know how to make your own money you will never be poor.

As someone who has a passion for doing deals, this is a great opportunity to hear about what and how he has found the strategy that works for him and how you can get on the property ladder if you really want to.



  • Understanding your own path is vital.
  • Today when you buy a property to convert it you have to go down the bridging route.
  • There are more products in the market but they are now very specific.
  • If you want to use it as an HMO you have to have a commercial mortgage.
  • I help people to get on the property ladder and to find the strategy that works and is the best for them.
  • If you know how to make money you will never be poor.
  • I know that if I don’t have enough money I just need to implement more.
  • I’ve never seen a job as making me financially secure.
  • You are making yourself more valuable if you have the right skills and knowledge.
  • I’m deal centric, it’s all about the right deal and my passion is doing the deals.
  • If you want something you need to find out how you can get it.
  • If your community is entrepreneurial then it fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone.
  • You need to have a five-year plan and work backwards to work out how you can achieve it.
  • If you can survive the first years in business it’s likely you will go on to be successful.
  • It’s important to look at others who are successful in your arena.
  • Network with people and find out what resonates with you.
  • What you start with may not be what you continue with.
  • Business is not easy but if you do something you enjoy and are passionate about its likely you will be successful.



‘I love joint venturing and work with people who are entering the market’

‘I feel that if you know how to make money you will never be poor’

‘This is a time for personal development and positioning yourself for the opportunities’



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Motiul Islam


Motiul started his property journey at the age of 19 when he was still at university in London studying BA Economics and BSC in Business Information Technology. Before this, he was always thinking outside the box and investing in other areas. He then turned to property. Whilst his peers were in lectures, Motiul was stepping out of the lecture theatre to negotiate deals. He learned some crucial lessons early on when he was ‘gazumped’ in each of his first 3 property deals. However, he did not let this stop him and by the age of 23, Motiul had bought his first property investment. He continued to buy subsequent properties one after another, employing no money down strategies before they were even taught and adding value to properties through a combination of extending, developing and carrying out title splits. 


After achieving his financial and property goals within a year of setting them, well ahead of the short timeframe he had set himself, Motiul was able to retire from property altogether. However, being young and having a big interest in the property field, he returned to property for two reasons. Firstly, he has a passion for property, ‘finding deals, doing deals and structuring deals'. Secondly, he has a vision to help others get started on the property ladder, but with his extensive experience, his expertise also benefits those who have already started and are established in the property arena.


Motiul’s areas of expertise are primarily HMOs and structuring deals but he also has years of experience in rent to rent, title splits, no money down, refurbishments and developments, with current ongoing refurbishments and developments in commercial properties as well as joint ventures and mentoring peers in various strategies.



Alex is a prize-winning chartered accountant with experience in financial markets from trading finance, capital hedging, structural foreign exchange and interest rates to operational risk from the world’s top financial and advisory institutions including Deloitte, RBS and JPMorgan Chase

Alex has been involved in property development programmes across different types since 2008, building and managing a portfolio that includes standard buy-to-lets, student accommodation and other houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs).

He specialises in raising finance, providing potential investors, investors and joint venture partners with ad hoc (to their specific requirements), hands-free and hassle-free property investments solutions as well as coaching and mentoring

Alex aspires to share business and financial knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs and experienced business minds to learn and master the concepts and mindsets required to succeed, stand-out, have the edge and make a difference.

Alex is also a keen traveller, cyclist and photographer.





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