57 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

The Legend That Is Mr Ray McLennan (Pt2 of 2)

Ray McLennan is a hugely experienced mentor who has owned and successfully grown a wide range of businesses.

He also co-hosts the ‘How to raise Money’ and ‘The Skill Stack’ podcasts sharing his expertise and extensive business experience with a global audience.

He shares his fascinating journey and explains why ultimately you have to be your authentic self and live by your values, asking the right questions if you want to be guided towards being able to do what you love.



  • You need to learn to work on the business not in the business.
  • When I learnt to work on the business and put systems and processes in place everything became much easier.
  • I exited when the property values and leases exceeded the profits from running the restaurants and people wanted to purchase
  • When I started in law I saw it from the view of someone who had experience in business.
  • I could see how a law firm could be a more efficient business. There were people in charge of things who didn’t know anything about it
  • I always ask about the reason why something is done the way it is.
  • Often things continue to be done in the same way because it’s always been done that way.
  • There can be different solutions to resolve a challenge.
  • I now work with angel investors and very varied ideas for new businesses
  • Work out what your core values are and use them to guide you in what you do.
  • When you find what you love doing it will energise you.
  • If you do what you love, the world needs it and you can get paid for it then you have found what you should be doing.
  • Everyone has different values and the world needs you as your authentic self.
  • The breakthrough comes when you ask the right questions.



‘You have to live to your values and be your authentic self’

‘My contacts are a bottomless pit of knowledge and content about everything’

‘I like new things and learning then teaching about new stuff to help others’



Business, Wealth and Mindset podcast series    

Ray McLennan website



Ray McLennan is a former corporate lawyer from Edinburgh, Scotland who also has many years of experience owning and operating a mixed variety of small businesses in the UK and Ireland.

As a former regional manager for Angels Den for 6 years, Ray has seen thousands of pitches from SME’s looking for start-up and scale-up finance from private investors and he has spoken at many large and small Scottish Enterprise and RBS events.

Ray has been a VIP one-on-one mentor for Progressive Property based in Peterborough since 2016 and hosts a number of their VIP Lifetime Mastermind groups for established developers and business owners.

He is also a Keynote speaker and Lead Trainer with shares in a small number of property companies specialising in property and Start-up incubators.

Ray has created a Community Interest Company (CIC) to build affordable housing solely for key workers such as nurses, paramedics, fire and police officers where the rent is capped at a percentage of their salaries. (www.HomesForKeyWorkers.co.uk)

Ray is currently working with a group of finance lawyers and professionals to launch a series of Property Funds to bring back old-school banking for experienced property developers.

Ray is also a Guinness World Record Holder and keynote public speaker and is co-host of the “How To Raise Money Podcast” and host of “The Skill Stack” Podcast.



Alex is a prize-winning chartered accountant with experience in financial markets from trading finance, capital hedging, structural foreign exchange and interest rates to operational risk from the world’s top financial and advisory institutions including Deloitte, RBS and JPMorgan Chase

Alex has been involved in property development programmes across different types since 2008, building and managing a portfolio that includes standard buy-to-lets, student accommodation and other houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs).

He specialises in raising finance, providing potential investors, investors and joint venture partners with ad hoc (to their specific requirements), hands-free and hassle-free property investments solutions as well as coaching and mentoring

Alex aspires to share business and financial knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs and experienced business minds to learn and master the concepts and mindsets required to succeed, stand-out, have the edge and make a difference.

Alex is also a keen traveller, cyclist and photographer.





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