57 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

Simple Wealth with Holly Morphew, CEO And Founder Of Financial Impact

Holly Morphew is an award-winning financial coach, author, global speaker, and multi-generational entrepreneur and talks to Alex about how to live to your values and the importance of having an agenda for your life. Holly shares great tips on how to become financially independent putting yourself in a position where work is an option, not a necessity. If you learn how to maximise your cash flow, reduce your debt, save and create residual income then you are successfully playing the game of money and everything becomes much easier.   KEY TAKEAWAYS The only way to live the life you want is to put your vision front and centre of what you do It always comes down to values It’s about having an agenda for your life You can find opportunities to feed your soul if you know what feeds your soul It’s about knowing yourself We are all human and on the same level but we have different perspectives The only opinion that matters is yours Money is neutral and it is there if you want it in your life When you understand how to play the game of money everything becomes much easier Financial independence is when work is an option for you. Maximise your cash flow and understand your impact amount, the amount you can put to best You should maximise your cash flow, reduce your debt, save and create residual income. Debt is a tool that you can use to work for you. Financial independence is about your emotional well-being  and there is performing and non-performing debt There is a relationship between our health and our finances, how we look after ourselves is a reflection of how we look after our wealth We are all in life together and coming together and creating community is what makes the  difference.   BEST MOMENTS ‘My personal values are freedom, love and authenticity’ ‘You are worthy because you’ve been born’ ‘There is power and freedom in understanding your own story’ ‘Every day you are building wealth’   VALUABLE RESOURCES Business, Wealth and Mindset podcast series     ABOUT THE GUEST Hi! I’m Holly! In my twenties, despite being a high-earner I found myself living paycheck to paycheck and massively in debt. After doing “mental accounting” for a number of years, I finally decided to put a pen to paper and discovered I had $67,000 in credit card debt. When I called my financial advisor to ask for help, he asked me how much more money I wanted to invest each month. Was he not listening? I didn’t have any money to invest! I knew in that moment that there had to be another way to build wealth. I devoted the next year to learning everything I could about debt-elimination, wealth-building, and the economy. I read hundreds of personal finance books, went to money and investing seminars, took courses, and interviewed financial experts. She created a system, now known as the Financial Impact system, and three years later she was debt-free. She didn’t stop there, and in her thirties, she reached financial independence. Holly began teaching personal finance in 2006 to young adults as a service project with Rotary International. In 2008, she received the prestigious “Rotarian of the Year” award for her work in financial literacy. After a successful career in real estate and finance, and with a passion for lifestyle design, financial independence, and mindful living, Holly founded Financial Impact in 2016. Holly is Accredited Financial Counselor® and is recognized for her unique approach to money, which reinforces core values while creating wealth. Through programs, courses, and speaking, Holly has coached thousands to peace of mind and confidence with their money. In 2017, Holly was recognized by the Association for Financial Planning and Counseling Education® with the “Bridging the Gap” award for outstanding work as an entrepreneur and financial coach. Holly has spoken to audiences of 2500+ on the topic of money, leadership, and conscious living. Holly has a B.A. in International Business & Japanese from the University of Colorado. She now resides in Boulder, Colorado. Holly loves to hike fourteeners, watch the sunrise, travel, and practice yoga.   ABOUT THE HOST Alex is a prize-winning chartered accountant with experience in financial markets from trading finance, capital hedging, structural foreign exchange and interest rates to operational risk from the world’s top financial and advisory institutions including Deloitte, RBS and JPMorgan Chase Alex has been involved in property development programmes across different types since 2008, building and managing a portfolio that includes standard buy-to-lets, student accommodation and other houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs). He specialises in raising finance, providing potential investors, investors and joint venture partners with ad hoc (to their specific requirements), hands-free and hassle-free property investments solutions as well as coaching and mentoring Alex aspires to share business and financial knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs and experienced business minds to learn and master the concepts and mindsets required to succeed, stand-out, have the edge and make a difference. Alex is also a keen traveller, cyclist and photographer.   CONTACT METHOD Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alexsapalaofficial/ Twitter - @alex_sapala https://twitter.com/alex_sapala You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZ1DCPGAu5c2yhOkfGZRSQ                See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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