48 minutes | Jan 25th 2021

Business, Life and Heath and Safety - The Colin Nottage Story

Colin Nottage is an influencer in the area of health and safety and talks with Alex about understanding your own value, believing in yourself and investing in yourself more to move forward successfully.

As an expert in health and safety, he discusses the culture needed in a business to support effective health and safety and why communication is key.

He also shares great advice on why doing something of value well and building trust in the business relationships you have will bring customers and clients who will want to stay with you year after year.



  • If you do something that is of value to others then there is always going to someone who wants to you.
  • Going out and building relationships with people who are ultimately going to promote you is vital.
  • Good health and safety are about good communication and management.
  • People need to fully understand the risks involved with the job they are doing
  • You can’t eliminate risk you have to work alongside it.
  • It’s about creating an environment where people feel they are listened to around health and safety.
  • People need to be confident about being able to speak out.
  • The people who are doing the job are the ones who best understand the risks and good management communicate well and have a working relationship based on trust.
  • Sometimes people make mistakes and it’s how the business reacts when this happens
  • As a business, you need to be able to talk about risk.
  • People want solutions to their problems and sometimes we are the solution and sometimes we are able to facilitate connecting people with each other.



‘The focus is about building the relationship’

‘I’m now seen as an influencer in health and safety’

‘Don’t stop investing in yourself’



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The Interesting Health and Safety Podcast



Colin Nottage


‘Making health and safety as important as everything else we do.’


This is the belief that Colin is passionate about and through his consultancy Influential Management Group (IMG) is able to spread into industry. Colin works at a strategic level with company owners and board members. He helps business leaders establish and achieve their health and safety ambitions.


He has developed a number of leading competency improvement programmes that are delivered across industry and his strengths are his ability to take a practical approach to problem-solving and being able to liaise at all levels within an organisation.


Colin also runs a company that vets contractors online and a network that develops and support H&S consultancies to become better businesses.


Colin chairs the Construction Dust Partnership, an industry collaboration directly involving many organisations, including the Health and Safety Executive.


He is a Post Graduate Tutor at Strathclyde University and a highly sought-after health and safety speaker and trainer. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Safety and Risk management, an engineering degree and is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).



Alex is a prize-winning chartered accountant with experience in financial markets from trading finance, capital hedging, structural foreign exchange and interest rates to operational risk from the world’s top financial and advisory institutions including Deloitte, RBS and JPMorgan Chase

Alex has been involved in property development programmes across different types since 2008, building and managing a portfolio that includes standard buy-to-lets, student accommodation and other houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs).

He specialises in raising finance, providing potential investors, investors and joint venture partners with ad hoc (to their specific requirements), hands-free and hassle-free property investments solutions as well as coaching and mentoring

Alex aspires to share business and financial knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs and experienced business minds to learn and master the concepts and mindsets required to succeed, stand-out, have the edge and make a difference.

Alex is also a keen traveller, cyclist and photographer.





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