4 minutes | Mar 5th 2021

7 Things That Are Difficult To Do Without Money And Wealth

Alex discusses the things in life that can be difficult to do and achieve without wealth. Everyone talks about wealth not bringing happiness but to know if that’s true for you, the way forward may be to pursue wealth so you will know the answer to “will money make you happy?”   KEY TAKEAWAYS It’s difficult to be the most generous you can be when you don’t have wealth You can’t give your family everything you want to for their education and futures without money You can’t pursue your passions without money. You need finance to enjoy the planet and all it has to offer It’s challenging to make a great impact on vast amounts of people without wealth You can’t make a judgement on whether money can buy you happiness if you have no experience of wealth   BEST MOMENTS ‘There are some things that are difficult to achieve without wealth’ ‘Pursue wealth so you can make the decision about whether it makes you happy’   VALUABLE RESOURCES Business, Wealth and Mindset podcast series     ABOUT THE HOST Alex is a prize-winning chartered accountant with experience in financial markets from trading finance, capital hedging, structural foreign exchange and interest rates to operational risk from the world’s top financial and advisory institutions including Deloitte, RBS and JPMorgan Chase Alex has been involved in property development programmes across different types since 2008, building and managing a portfolio that includes standard buy-to-lets, student accommodation and other houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs). He specialises in raising finance, providing potential investors, investors and joint venture partners with ad hoc (to their specific requirements), hands-free and hassle-free property investments solutions as well as coaching and mentoring Alex aspires to share business and financial knowledge with upcoming entrepreneurs and experienced business minds to learn and master the concepts and mindsets required to succeed, stand-out, have the edge and make a difference. Alex is also a keen traveller, cyclist and photographer.   CONTACT METHOD Facebook https://www.facebook.com/alexsapalaofficial/ Twitter - @alex_sapala https://twitter.com/alex_sapala You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgZ1DCPGAu5c2yhOkfGZRSQ                  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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