40 minutes | Feb 26th 2020

S3 Ep.05: Just Breathe & Don’t Pass Out

Hi Guys! Today I am sharing a few stories on how I became a public speaker and how I almost passed out! Being a public speaker was the last thing I had ever thought I would become being an introvert and all but now it’s one of my favorite things to do. I share tips on how to become a great and engaging speaker or educator. ACTIONABLE TO DO:  Make up a story as if you are going to speak publicly, type it up and then practice saying that story in your voice, don’t memorize it. Practice out loud and find moments where you can ad humor, a take away, or emotion. Then do it in front of family and friends. _______________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL SEGMENT: TALK YOUR SHET Email me businessshet@gmail.com FACEBOOK GROUP If you haven’t joined our private group head over. It’s a great support system. facebook.com/groups/businessshet WATCH US on YOUTUBE FOLLOW US Instagram @mimigstyle and @businessshet and use hashtag #businessshet Thanks for listening and remember in order for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: SOLVE a problem, HELP them get passed their current stage, EARN respect, and build TRUST Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The post S3 Ep.05: Just Breathe & Don’t Pass Out appeared first on .
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