35 minutes | Feb 12th 2020

S3 Ep. 04: Oh Shit I Quit My Job

Hi Guys! Today is storytelling day. I get asked about how and when I decided to quit my job 6 years ago to blog full time. It’s always a difficult decision to make and when you grow up with no visual representation of an entrepreneur it just seems like something other people do. ACTIONABLE TO DO:  If you are thinking of quitting your job start by analyzing where your side hustle money is coming from, how consistently, and what can you do to increase it. Track it for a few months and then decide if you can sustain yourself as you grow your new venture. If you are lucky enough to have a nest egg even better but you can do it without it as long as you are smart about your decisions. _______________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL SEGMENT: TALK YOUR SHET Email me businessshet@gmail.com FACEBOOK GROUP If you haven’t joined our private group head over. It’s a great support system. facebook.com/groups/businessshet WATCH US on YOUTUBE FOLLOW US Instagram @mimigstyle and @businessshet and use hashtag #businessshet Thanks for listening and remember in order for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: Solve a problem, help them get passed their current stage, earn respect, and build trust Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The post S3 Ep. 04: Oh Shit I Quit My Job appeared first on .
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