36 minutes | Feb 5th 2020

S3 Ep. 03: It Is What It Is

Hi Guys! I have a special guest joining me today. My daughter Chastidy is back to chat with me about life’s unexpected and not so great moments and how we deal with them. Sometimes no matter how positive you are, how much good energy you put out, and how good of a person you try to be, life happens but how you respond to the universe is what makes the difference in how you let it affect you and your ability to set it aside and move forward. _______________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL SEGMENT: TALK YOUR SHET Email me businessshet@gmail.com FACEBOOK GROUP If you haven’t joined our private group head over. It’s a great support system. facebook.com/groups/businessshet WATCH US on YOUTUBE FOLLOW US Instagram @mimigstyle and @businessshet and use hashtag #businessshet Thanks for listening and remember in order for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: Solve a problem, help them get passed their current stage, earn respect, and build trust Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The post S3 Ep. 03: It Is What It Is appeared first on .
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