39 minutes | Jul 22nd 2019

S2 EP 07: Just Move! A Continuation To Dealing With Anxiety

Hi Guys! Today I am continuing my talk on anxiety and answering some questions you guys asked in regards to my experience that I did not cover. I got so many emails about how that episode helped you and stories that you all shared with me about your own experience that I wanted to expand a bit today. _______________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONABLE TO DO Start a journal. Every time you start to feel that knot, or that queasy feeling or the feeling of being overwhelmed I want you to write. I want you to write down what you are thinking about, where you are starting to feel the onset of anxiety and then write down what you can do about it? Can you fix it? Great what steps do you need to take? Can you NOT fix it? Great acknowledge that you are feeling worried or scared and acknowledge that you can’t do shit about it so what good is coming from you stressing out about it?  Having a journal will help you see what is triggering the feelings and what your thought process is and if you are seeing a therapist this is a great tool to share with them, it will give them insight into how you do during the inbetween time. _______________________________________________________________________________________ EMAIL SEGMENT: TALK YOUR SHET Email me businessshet@gmail.com _______________________________________________________________________________________ LIVE WORKSHOPS Interested in our hands-on in-person workshop email businessshet@gmail.com _______________________________________________________________________________________ FACEBOOK GROUP If you haven’t joined our private group head over. It’s a great support system. facebook.com/groups/businessshet Watch us on YOUTUBE _______________________________________________________________________________________ FOLLOW US Instagram @businessshet _______________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for listening and remember in order for your business to succeed it must be the SHET: Solve a problem, help them passed your current stage, earn respect, and build trust Im out. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The post S2 EP 07: Just Move! A Continuation To Dealing With Anxiety appeared first on .
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