48 minutes | Jun 12th 2019

BOW 002: From School Teacher To Email Copywriting Superstar w/ Chris Orzechowski

Chris Orzechowski is a writing powerhouse.


He's a copywriter who spends most of his time writing and strategizing about email copy, but he's built a business that's so much more than that.


Chris' brain is like a money-making machine, and I’ve never seen anyone consistently produce so much GOOD CONTENT.


He’s created one of the best email writing courses in existence. He's just released a new book. He teaches writers how to write 7-figure email campaigns. And he's constantly writing and publishing incredible content for business owners, writers, and marketers.


And on top of all that – He’s a senior copywriter for the team over at Product Launch Formula with Jeff Walker, and also has several retainer clients.


Here's Chris to tell you the "unfiltered" version of how he went from an overworked and underpaid middle school teacher, to an in-demand copywriting superstar.


This is one episode you don't want to miss because we get into the nitty-gritty "raw" details of building a successful writing career


Episode Highlights
  • The raw, "non sexy" truth about how Chris went from Middle-school teacher to rockstar copywriter
  • His 'mechanical' process for writing and publishing TONS of quality content without losing value
  • How he diversified his income so he wasn't depending solely on 'done for you' writing clients
  • The best way to communicate with your list consistently (and why you shouldn't be afraid to email your list!)
  • His little-known email marketing secrets which most writers don't know
  • How he wrote his book and used it to grow his business
  • Why he recommends working on retainer with clients (and how to manage that ongoing relationship)
  • His secret for managing all the 'niggly admin bits' of your writing business


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