54 minutes | Jan 5, 2021

S1E2 - Shelina Begum | Employee to CEO

Shelina Begum is an award-winning journalist - a title she’s held for over 20 years. Only, Shelina isn’t an employee anymore. She’s founded her own company, Shelina Begum Media. We join Shelina just weeks into her journey as a startup owner to talk about what it’s really like transiting from being an employee to the CEO of a one-man band, overnight. This episode is packed full of open and honest reflection, as well as a heap of anecdotes on what it’s really like to start your own business, which you don’t want to miss. What do Eddie Whittingham and Shelina Begum talk about? What reservations founders are likely to have when thinking about leaving their job What the triggers are that make you likely to start your own business How that perception of starting a business differs from the reality The early-stage concerns and fears when starting a business Whether it’s possible to find a work-life balance when starting a business How starting your own company compares to the pressures of being an employee And much more... Full show notes and resources can be found here: https://gofounder.com/podcasts/business-nobs/employee-to-ceo/ ‎ Signup for access to the GoFounder platform - our online tool to help you start, grow and scale your business, without the BS - at https://gofounder.com/early-access/ Like this show? Please leave us a review here - even just a quick one liner helps a lot! If you want to leave your Twitter handle, we can thank you personally!
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