47 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Work-Life Balance 201: Warning Signs, Mental Discipline, and Management Skills

Work-life balance is a challenge at any stage in a career. This week, BMP host Brent Richardson shares tips and tricks he has discovered through 20 years of corporate work. Work-Life Balance Tips Discussed First, Brent and Jamie share their controversial experience on how travel has impacted their family. Next, how to define goals and objectives for your life. Third, defining your boundaries are non-negotiable. Fourth, how the seasons of life and work can affect your balance. In addition, identifying your warning signs. Sixth, how to restore yourself with healthy play. Moreover, the art of mental disciple. Eighth, what to do if your boss doesn't respect your time. Ninth, how to deal with reactive jobs. Also, the problem with losing your identity to your title, role, or family. Tenth, the problem with scorekeeping in relationships. Finally, Brent shares how to address an imbalance in an employee.
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