34 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

When To Quit Your Job: How To Know When To Stay And When To Go

"When To Quit Your Job" focuses on the signs of when it is time to consider a transition versus when you may be better off staying in your current role and making it work for you. When Is It Time To Quit Your Job Discussion Points First, Brent discusses why it's important to love what you do. Second, why this topic is being discussed now. Third, Brent's Venn Diagram of the ideal job. Fourth, what makes people want to stay at a company? Fifth, what makes people want to leave a job? Sixth, the value of knowing what you're running from. Seventh, when does it make sense to leave? Eighth, Jamie's story of why and when she left her corporate career. Ninth, key takeaways from a listener who recently quit his job.
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