38 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

Office Pranks: An April Fools' Salute To Our Favorite Practical Jokes

Brent Richardson is a prankster. It started in childhood, the pranks increase in complexity through his work with teenagers, and then they flooded over into his workplace. This week, Brent shares some of his favorite practical jokes from small to elaborate. Office Pranks Discussed First, how did pranks begin for Brent? Second, pranks from childhood: windshield wiper sprayers and fishing. Third, some favorite practical jokes Brent heard others share. Fourth, Brent explains his most consistent prank. Fifth, when the practical jokes became more elaborate. Sixth, computer pranks: email spam and messing with a mouse. Seventh, Icy Hot pranks. Eighth, a teenager gets revenge on Brent. Ninth, adding a hot surprise to a jelly roll. Tenth, fail-proof eating contests. Finally, the elaborate office prank, two years in the making.  
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