43 minutes | Oct 26, 2020

New Small Business Struggles: Three Months In With Brett Boyd

New small business struggles can be overwhelming. This week, Brett Boyd returns to the Business Minutia Podcast to share his learnings from his first three months in business.

New Small Business Struggles Discussed
  • First, Brett shares a story about LLC naming chaos.
  • Second, how Brett chose between an LLC and a corporation.
  • Third, what it was like to take a vacation without a boss.
  • Fourth, what Brett has learned about grouping jobs together by location.
  • Fifth, lessons learned in advertising and marketing.
  • Sixth, playing the long game.
  • Seventh, the value of reviews.
  • Eighth, Brett's struggle with overbooking himself.
  • Next, the struggle of payroll.
  • In addition, questions on handling finances.
  • Ninth, health insurance concerns and questions.
  • Tenth, the value of having a strategy.
  • Finally, Brett's learning from his first three months.
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