38 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

New Job Success: The 3 Key Areas That Define Your Success in the First Year of a New Job

New Job Success focuses on the three key areas that will make or break you in your first year in a new job: learning, networking, and executing. New Job Success Keys Discussed First, Brent reflects on what it means to not fluff up or cower down. Second, an intro to the three buckets of new job success: learning, networking, and executing. Third, the value of asking a lot of questions. Fourth, why it's essential to adjust your attitude. Fifth,  stretch your comfort zone and be willing to fail. Sixth, how and why to stretch your comfort zone. Seventh, the qualities to look for in a mentor. Eighth, why execution is important no matter how long-term the job is. Ninth, when and how to communicate that you don't like your job. Tenth, the value of getting other people's eyes on your work. Eleventh, have a monthly check-in with yourself. Twelfth, why quitting jobs too frequently can be a red flag.
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