31 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

Networking for Extroverts

Networking for Extroverts tackles the complicated subject of how extroverts can harness their habits to become more successful in the workplace. Networking for Extroverts Topics Discussed Firstly, Brent shares how to be self-aware about how you are perceived. Secondly, understand what a bully is in the workplace and how to avoid that perception. Thirdly, how to get feedback as an extrovert. Fourthly, avoid flirtatious tendencies. Fifthly, don't force introverts out of their comfort zone. Sixthly, sharpen your skills using the 60/40 rule. Seventhly, don't dominate the conversation. Eighthly, how to be inclusive. Ninthly, avoid being a gossip or cliquish. Tenthly, the value of being strategic with your time and conversations. Eleventhly, the importance of practicing your storytelling. Twelfthly, avoid provoking for shock value.
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