29 minutes | Nov 2, 2020

Meetings 101: The Essential Guide To Hosting A Meeting

In Meetings 101, Brent Richardson breaks down the essentials of when meetings are necessary, who to invite, when to host them, and the common mistakes people make when planning them.

Meetings 101 points discussed
  • First, an intro to the BMP theme of the month: communication.
  • Second, types of annoying and unnecessary meetings.
  • Third, the kinds of meetings that are valuable.
  • For example, why execution and check-in meetings are important.
  • Moreover, when to proactively request for reviews of your work.
  • Also, when are 1-0n-1 meetings necessary?
  • Fourth, when an email becomes a book, it's probably better as a meeting.
  • Fifth, how to use a meeting to show appreciation to someone.
  • Sixth, controversial or emotional topics are better as an email than a meeting.
  • Seventh, landmine discussions.
  • Eighth, how to handle brainstorming meetings.
  • Ninth, don't be surprised during a meeting.
  • Tenth, be super clear about the agenda.
  • Eleventh, the strategy of who needs to be invited to a meeting.
  • Twelfth, when to schedule a meeting.
  • In addition, how much notice to give people.
  • Finally, be efficient and timely.
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