39 minutes | Jan 11, 2021

How To Incubate Ideas: Three Steps To Take Your Idea From Concept to Reality

How To Incubate Ideas carries listeners through each of the three phases of the incubation process: think, know, and show. BMP podcast host, Brent Richardson, shares his lessons learned through over 20 years in a large international firm.

How To Incubate Ideas Discussion Points
  • First, Jamie shares the process of incubating eggs as it relates to incubating ideas.
  • Second, Brent discusses where to get new ideas.
  • Third, the three stages of developing a new idea: think, know, and show.
  • Fourth, how to find and nurture your creative times.
  • Fifth, the initial steps of the innovation process.
  • Also, Hubie Payne's warning about the status quo.
  • Sixth, Brent breaks down Proof of Concept.
  • Seventh, how incubation works in the small business world.
  • Eighth, moving from Know to Show.
  • Ninth, Brent shares warning about company politics within the incubation process.
  • Finally, what it means if an idea fails.


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