32 minutes | May 3, 2021

How To Connect With Anyone

How to Connect With Anyone focuses on the keys to relating to anyone in less than 5 minutes. In this episode, Brent Richardson breaks down the tricks he's learned to gain authentic connections with people within just a few minutes of being with them. How to Connect points discussed First, how much to listen versus speaking. Second, why it's essential to connect with people beyond the purpose of the meeting. Third, good small talk options. Fourth, how to know which threads to pull to get a person to talk. In addition, what happened when Brent pulled a thread he wished he hadn't. Fifth, how to use self-deprecation to connect with people. Sixth, when to share the areas in which you are an expert. Seventh, what Brent does when he fails to connect with someone. Eighth, how to get people off mute on a conference call. Ninth, the challenges of connecting with people when the meeting isn't yours. Tenth, how to read a person's avatar. Eleventh, the problem with using humor to connect with people. In addition, how to keep icebreakers fresh. Finally, the value of diversity within your network.
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