40 minutes | Apr 5, 2021

How College Failed Me

How College Failed Me focuses on the pros and cons of university education. The discussion includes: what universities fail to teach, how to supplement your education, and what you miss out on if you skip the college experience. College Failed Me Discussion Points First, how college teaches you to game the system. Second, how college helps with worldview. Third, the sense of community and diversity built through the university. Fourth, the value of process. Fifth, what Brent and Jamie teach their own kids about college. Sixth, Jamie's experience with women seeking an MRS Degree. Seventh, the value of a gap year. Eighth, how college prepares you to please a boss. Ninth, an introduction to Imposter Syndrome. Tenth, college doesn't teach you how to teach yourself. Eleventh, the best class Brent took in college. Twelfth, college fails to teach how to avoid or resolve conflict. Finally, college doesn't teach organizational savvy and office politics.
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