39 minutes | Nov 9, 2020

Email 101: The Essential Guide To Professional Emails

Email 101 is the second part in the BMP Essential Communication series. The first part, Meetings 101, is also available.

In this week's episode, Brent Richardson shares the essentials to professional emails including timeliness, length, the "to" list, and what to avoid.

Email 101 Keys Discussed
  • First, how much time does the person spend on email?
  • Second, the competition for your attention and engagement.
  • Third, big picture warnings of when an email would be better as a meeting.
  • Fourth, avoid dollar words, acronyms, and analogies.
  • Fifth, how to start an email with a solid problem statement.
  • Sixth, focusing on the "to" list.
  • Seventh, using the "CC" list and avoiding the "BCC" list.
  • Eighth, best practices when looping people into an existing email thread.
  • Ninth, email etiquette.
  • Finally, a call to action for listeners.
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