23 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

Corporate Toolbox: 5 Essential Tools to Succeed in Business

In Corporate Toolbox, the Business Minutia team shares the five skills needed for corporate success: communication, time management, self-awareness, people skills, and a willingness to learn. Each tool is linked to previous episodes. Corporate Toolbox Keys Discussed Firstly, an overview of the five essential tools. Secondly, why communication is the first skill for the toolbox. Thirdly, communication episodes to consider: Emails, Meetings, and Presentations. Fourthly, the value of time management. Fifthly, adding relationship agility to your toolbox. Sixthly, episodes to sharpen this skill: Horrible Co-Workers 1 and 2, Bad Bosses, Networking for Introverts, Networking for Extroverts, Conflict Resolution, HR, and Systemic Racism. Seventhly, the value of adding self-awareness to your toolbox. Eighthly, episodes to sharpen this skill: Enneagrams, Navigating Career Changes, Pursuing Feedback,  Why am I Here, and When to Leave. Ninthly, you need to maintain a growth mindset. Tenthly, episodes to sharpen this skill: Continuing Education, How College Failed Me, and Incubating Ideas.
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