37 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

Continuing Education: Why, What, and How to Learn to Increase Your Marketability

Continuing Education focuses on why learning new skills is important, what to focus your efforts on, and how to pursue that learning in both formal and informal ways to increase your marketability within your industry. Continuing Education Keys Discussed Brent shares why continuing education is important. Brent and Jamie debunk the "grow or die" mindset. If you want to be able to lead, you have to be willing to grow. Understanding what your company wants versus what your industry wants. Why and how to lean into your network. When to pursue an advanced degree. The value of online classes. How to utilize classes offered within your company. The value of using free resources like Wikipedia and YouTube. Brent's breakdown of where he spends his time in continuing education. The value of on-the-job training. How to use podcasts, books, and an app like Blinkist.
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