36 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

Conflict Resolution

In Conflict Resolution, podcast host Brent Richardson walks professionals through the three stages of resolving a dispute: gathering information, refocusing on the problem statement, and peaceful follow-up. Conflict Resolution Points Discussed First, Brent shares what the goal of conflict resolution should be. Second, how to gather information to discover the root cause of the conflict. Third, to find the problem statement, it is essential to focus on isolation and an aligned goal. Fourth, ask clarifying questions. Fifth, Brent shares why it's important to take the high road. Sixth, both parties have to be ready to solve the problem. Seventh, refocus the conflicting parties on the aligned goal. Eighth, filter your thoughts before you speak. Ninth, find value in each person involved in the conflict. Tenth, acknowledge each person's thoughts. Eleventh, if you are a manager, don't neglect the who issues. Finally, continue to extend an olive branch.
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