42 minutes | Jun 4th 2020

The power of apprenticeships with Tricia Smith plus representation in the media

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Tricia Smith is passionate about the power of apprenticeships, having started her own career journey through a work placement.

Now the CEO of The Source Skills Academy, in this interview she discusses:

  • her charity's range of courses covering vitally important technical and 'soft' skills
  • why apprenticeships are crucial
  • how employers can engage with The Source and the benefits of doing so.

This episode of the programme also includes reflections on equality and representation, diversity and inclusion in business and the media, and a campaign in support of inclusive independent publishers.

Also in the episode: forthcoming events.

Full shownotes and links at https://www.jamieveitch.co.uk


  • 0 - 1:56 Introduction
  • 1:56 Black Lives Matter. Including in the media and how entrepreneurship is portrayed. I've written more about this here.
  • 6:42 The power of books can create a better world by increasing understanding and respect through reading. Kids growing up can’t be what they don’t see. Details of a crowdfunding campaign for inclusive independent publishers.
  • 7:43 Interview with Tricia Smith, The Source Skills Academy.
  • 30:52 Update and a new guide to the flexible furlough rules from Jay Bhayani.
  • 32:54 Business Sheffield's virtual business workshop programme.
  • 34:49 Twinkl – the Sheffield-based global publisher – is making free books available to families across the region.
  • 35:58 Get in touch!
  • 36:20 Recap of last week's show with a heads-up of fundraising campaigns for The Big Issue North and The Suit Works
  • 39:07 More details of the Inclusive Indies campaign to help diversity-led independent publishers, including Jacaranda Books and Knights Of, to tell more stories.
  • 41:11 Wrapping up.
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