56 minutes | Oct 4, 2019

How to Write a Brilliant Business Book your Readers will Love with Vicky Fraser

"Write a book" they say. "It'll boost your business!"

You can't move these days for experts promising you of the untold business bounties which may flow your way if you write a business book.

And, sadly, this means some folk are dashing out books without due care and attention. Or which are well-written, but make them look like an amateur thanks to some common mistakes.

Other aspiring authors, who really want to write a book which gives value to their readers, don't know where to start, get stuck with "blank pages of doom" or can't identify the best angle to cover.

But today's radio show and podcast guest, Vicky Fraser, can help.

Vicky's first book genuinely transformed her business. She's gone on to help many other business owners write and publish books they are proud of.

And in this episode she covers the many benefits of writing a book and has brilliant practical advice to help you get your words on the page and your book written.

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