39 minutes | Apr 30, 2021

Empowering voters with Eleanor Holmshaw, WhoIsMyCouncillor

Accountability, transparency and informed decision making are at the heart of a new website launched by today's guest Eleanor Holmshaw.Whoismycouncillor.co.uk allows users to find the candidates standing in the council elections in their part of Sheffield. They can see candidates' answers to a set of specific questions "important to the city" and learn more about who they could vote for.Eleanor covers why and how she and a crack team launched the site to empower voters and boost engagement with our democratic system.Self-confessed "spreadsheet obsessive" Eleanor also gives me the lowdown on lessons learned from launching the site in record time.Also in today's show:business accelerator TwinklHive is offering £250,000 to young entrepreneurs looking to establish their own digital business. Details at 33:59 in the podcast and here.lovely news from previous guest, Kresse Wesling – Elvis and Kresse, which rescues  London's decommissioned fire-hose and creates beautiful goods, has just made its largest ever donation to the Fire Fighters Charity (details at 31:10 and here). Check out my 2019 interview with Kresse .Registration open for The Children's Media Conference – details at 36:05 in the podcast and here.
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