39 minutes | Jun 29th 2020

Covid-19 Spurs Collaboration in Telehealth

[Sponsored] The coronavirus pandemic has led to enhanced collaboration, spurred innovation, and increased the use of digital technologies. Telehealth enables doctors to safely connect with patients virtually and to monitor them remotely, whether in different cities or just down the hall. And smarter and smaller medical devices are producing better outcomes for patients—a disruption is sensed, like low blood sugar or a too rapid beating heart, and a therapy is applied, in real time.

All of this is aided by improved processing capabilities and data—lots of data, which means AI. And today’s guest is Dr. Laura Mauri, who is the Vice President of Global Clinical Research and Analytics at Medtronic. And she knows all about how data can help drive better patient outcomes, improve the patient experience, and provide valuable information for doctors and medical device creators. Dr. Mauri is an interventional cardiologist and one of the world’s leading experts on clinical trials, but, as she says, the success of a clinical trial really does come down to the patient experience, and how it's improved.

Dr. Mauri also has great hope for healthcare and technology. And although she cautions that this work is not simple, you can literally see progress happening—which is the outcome we all want.

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